Simulcast and CyberAuction Sales Technology Test

This web page will test your web browser and its Internet connection to confirm that you will be able to access Manheim CyberAuction and Simulcast sales.

If this page indicates that there are problems, and you do not know how to resolve them yourself, please contact your Manheim Buyer Services team.

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Initial investigations

This section uses Javascript to ensure that your web browser is configured correctly. If you do not see a message here saying that Javascript is working correctly, please check your web browser settings and enable Javascript:

Further Investigations

This section will run a Java program to test your Internet connectivity. You will need to accept the security message warning that the digital signature cannot be verified. If you do not see a message here saying that Java is running correctly, you need to check your Java installation, possibly re-installing Java:

The checkSimulcast applet cannot be found Back To Catalogues

End of Test